A really early in the year snow storm is predicted. I started this story on Friday night. The storm is predicted to start on Saturday..Stay tuned


  1. It's the end of October, not the end of December or January. We should be talking about leafers and how far along the fall color development is.
  2. But the Weather Channel and many other news sources are all talking about an approaching snowstorm. That's right, I said "snowstorm!"
  3. We're not expecting to get much snow at all here. The weather channel says less than an inch of snow accumulation  And I haven't seen Jim Cantore or any of the other blue-jacketed Weather Channel personalities in the area, so I think we're safe. We are under a winter weather advisory but most of the damage will be south of us. But it is supposed to be a huge storm. I will add to this story over the next couple of days as things progress.
  4. Some people are looking forward to the storm. I dont' think I would be so happy if it was coming here.

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  6. These posts are more reasonable.

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  9. Before the snow actually starts to fall is a good time to brush up on your weather lingo too. Do you know the difference between a wanring and a watch for instance? 
  10. And check the highway department for the states you're traveling through. They publish good information about road conditions, accidents, places to avoid.
  11. Not much snow here where I live or in Manhattan where I have family...I don't think we even got the predicted one inch. But others were not so lucky. People have lost power, roads were shut, airports closed and flights delayed.
  12. TV stations are working hard to keep their viewers updated.  Check out this blog from a station in Arlington, VA with photos, information about local road closures, and weather updates: 

    But I really don't want to ever hear a reporter talk about "Octsnowber" ever again!