1. So what's the definition of unemployment?
  2. Here's a chart of unemployment over time from Google with data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics..in case you're interested. It's officially somewhere between 9 and 10 percent, but unofficially much higher depending on your age and where you live.
  3. Everybody is talking about unemployment. It's going to be a factor in the upcoming 2012 elections. Everybody says we need a plan, candidates say they have plans and SOON they'll let us in on the secret. 
  4. Hiring Stalls: Unemployment Up to 9.2 Percent
  5. I have to admit...I am ALMOST in the boat with this twitterer:
  6. I used to tell people I was looking for a job.....now I just think of myself as unemployed. There's a difference I think. One's hopeful, one's defeatist. 

    The description changed over time of course; there wasn't any one event really. The more jobs I didn't get, the less positive I was. The fewer jobs I saw to apply for, the less positive I was. One job I really wanted I got told I was too qualified for. Another I sort of wanted I was told I was qualified, but not "the most" qualified. Sometimes you don't hear anything back. My unemployment money is running out - kind of the ultimate symbol that you might be unemployable.

    Here's an interesting quote:
  7. I am not sure about the answer. Question could have been working at a store during the Christmas sales period. Or going to something like Kelley and being a temp worker. Having some money coming in vs no money - that's a no brainer right? But there's always the little worry in the back of your mind...if i do this, and people see it on my resume, will they think I lied about my interest and experience in my real field? Ok..I'll admit, there's a little ego involved, too. I used to be X and now I'm just a Y. 

  8. There's lots of advice for the erstwhile and still positive job seeker. You can check out twitter chats like #careerchat and #jobhuntchat.
  9. There are websites like monster.com and snagajob.com. States and the federal government (in the US) have job websites. 
  10. The job sites are discouraging. If you're thinking about changing fields, there are so many senior level and management level jobs that are out of reach. Some have spam work from home jobs. And every time you find one, you have to work up some level of enthusiasm in the cover letter. 

    I'm still looking for a job. I am slowly realizing I need to change careers again. I am usually a really positive upbeat person. So I'm playing with some new software tools like Storify and thinking about how small businesses can use social media and games. I'm learning about marketing in virtual words. Hopefully a future Storified article will be about my new job or my new career.