Election Day Scenes Around the St. Louis Area

One of the trends we've been watching is the wait-times voters have at polling places around the St. Louis area.

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  1. Vignettes, anecdotes, tweets, pictures and other updates from social media around the region.
  2. My father, Don Krotz, just voted in his 16th Presidential Election. His first was 1952, that's 64 years and never missing a vote for president. My mom Geneva first voted in 1956. Their track record indicates it is not always for the same person, which I believe has made for some interesting evening discussions over the past month or so.
  3. So proud to have all these crowds flowing through our halls and seeing our beautiful sanctuary and experiencing our warm hospitality.
  4. I suggested that they put their arms around each other in a show of democratic solidarity, but they declined. Both nice guys though.
    Left, Tom Tiernay urged voters to support Democrat Bill Otto for the Missouri House and Jonathan Carman pitched for Republican Todd Akin for U.S. Senate.
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