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Storified: How To Make New Year's Resolutions

Around this time every year, it seems, we see a slew of stories about New Year's resolutions: how to keep them, whether to make them, which ones to make. Here are a few approaches from around the web, from the "reverse engineer" to the science of motivation, for you to ponder.


  1. In the "formulating-the-most-scientifically-valid-new-year's-resolutions" category, Boston Magazine has some recommendations for you. The bottom line? Eat less bacon, drink more coffee.
  2. Psychologists must know the end of the year is rolling around when their phones start to ring off the hook with journalists of all stripes calling, wanting to know: what's the latest research? Found that magic bullet yet?
  3. There's always plenty of advice for how to keep resolutions, from not talking about them to keeping them "tiny."
  4. And of course, there's an app for that....
  5. These aren't technically resolutions, but I thought I'd share the latest in my inbox from the Rhode Island Department of Health. My favorite is #9.

    Public Health Press Release
    For: Immediate release
    Date: December 31, 2013

    14 Ways to Get and Stay Healthy in 2014

    1. Spend time with people you love.
    2. Find easy and enjoyable ways to exercise 30 minutes a day.
    3. Drink water from a cup or a glass rather than a plastic bottle, and find ways to cut back the sugar, one drink at a time.
    4. Eat fruits and vegetables grown in Rhode Island to help reach or maintain a healthy weight.
    5. Dispose safely of any unused medications.
    6. Help us make sure all Rhode Islanders have a great primary care doctor with a great primary care practice near their homes.
    7. Get a flu shot, wash your hands often, and cough and sneeze into your elbow.
    8. Practice safer sex. Get tested for HIV and know when to get tested for hepatitis c.
    9. Talk to your primary care doctor about sex, drugs, and rock and roll.
    10. Finish high school and college.
    11. Never ever smoke. If you do smoke, get help quitting.
    12. Never take an opioid pain medication that is not prescribed to you, and never mix your opioids with alcohol.
    13. Talk to your doctor about your plan for if and when you want to have children. If you have children, surround them with love.
    14. Take a break from the screens and devices. Visit your friends. Go to the library. Read a book.

  6. And finally, who knew? The U.S. government wants to help you keep your resolutions. I'm surprised they didn't list "get health insurance on"
  7. Happy New Year, with or without resolutions!