The Fight to Save Reginald Cornelius Latson, #AliveWhileBlack and #Autistic


  1. Reginald "Neli" Latson is an African American young man diagnosed with autism and intellectual disability. Over the past four years Neli Latson has been restrained, pepper sprayed, shot with a Taser, bound in a restraint chair for hours, placed in solitary confinement, and criminalized all for having a mental health crisis during a catastrophic encounter with a police officer. He has suffered four years of hell for the crime of being a disabled young man. He never belonged in prison.
  2. This is an excerpt, in tweets and videos, of the latest efforts of hundreds of organizations, autistic disability rights activists, human rights activists, parents of children and adults like Neli, and everyday people trying to save Neli from unjust incarceration.
  3. PNN-TV: The Unjust Incarceration of Nelli Latson & Lisa Alexander- A Krip Hop Nation Project!