What is a Prosthodontist?


  1. Prosthodontists treat patients suffering missing teeth therefore not knowing a prosthodontist means you have maintained a very good oral hygiene. Prosthodontistry is a field concerned with missing teeth. These dentist have specialized skills in a variety of oral issues.
  2. Overview of Prosthodontistry

  3. A Prosthodontist treats many diseases faced by people. These include and not are limited to restoration of teeth, adding dentures and fixing issues regarding loss of teeth. Dentures and teeth restoration can be very tricky and prosthodontists specialize in both. These specialist deal with both the functioning of the teeth and also with your appearance making sure you look attractive and at the same time ensure the proper functioning of your teeth. When you hear about someone getting a surgery a prosthodontist is most likely to be involved in it.
  4. Difference between a the prosthodontist and a dentist

  5. Dentistry is a vast field dealing with a lot of oral issues, usually dentist would take care of general health issues regarding teeth however prosthodontist is a specified person and this is a specific field in dentistry involved specifically in teeth restoration. It’s just like the difference between a medical specialist and an oncologist, although both are doctors but one of them has a specialization in oncology.
  6. Prostodontistry Education

  7. It take four years for a person to become a dentist but in order to become a prosthodontist it is mandatory for the Orthodontist York PA to take a further three year long course from and American Dental Association (ADA) accredited school in order to become a prosthodontist. It is just like and MBBS doctor, it take four years to complete MBBS and after that one can chose the field of specialization like ENT, orthopedic, oncology etc.
  8. What does a prosthodontist do?
  9. Prosthodontist not only performs the restoration of teeth but is also involved in curing a variety of other related issues like snoring disorder, cleft palates and sleep apnea. They also work with in team to perform various treatments.
  10. Tooth Reconstruction

  11. A procedure performed when you lose your tooth or teeth is called tooth reconstruction. Generally a prosthodontist performs a tooth reconstruction or restoration. People lose their teeth due to physical trauma, infection and other factors here is when the Prosthodontist comes to help you out by performing tooth reconstruction, fixing dentures placing or replacing your crown etc. In simple words a prosthodontist makes you look young again by the smile you get after the whole tooth reconstruction / restoration etc. Prosthodontist using bonding agent reshape deformed teeth and bridge the gap between teeth to improve their functionality and your appearance.
  12. Implants and Bridges

  13. A complete denture is used when you lose all or most of your teeth however when you have some of your teeth left and they are healthy, a Prosthodontist might suggest to have bridges, when one or more crowns are linked together they create a single unit called bridge. These get fixed with the healthy teeth to fill the gap between them. These are hard to maintain as you need to take extra care in handling and cleaning them.
  14. Implants have now replaced bridges as they have become a more preferred choice. Implants are designed by a Prosthodontist, these consist of titanium post and a false tooth. The titanium post is fused with the jaw bone to create a permanent solution, a real life like tooth.
  15. Dentures

  16. Dentures are artificial or false teeth which are used when a person loses all or most of the teeth. Although some people don’t get used to these however dentures have improved the life of millions of people around the globe. With the rapid change in technology now you can even have dentures which look exactly like your original teeth.