All You Need To Know About Dental Bridge Problems


  1. Even though dental bridges are used as the replacement of the original teeth, however, there are some problems associated with it that may need awareness. For instance, the bridge fills the gap between two teeth from the crown of one to another. In simple words, the dental bridges are a link between two teeth; however, if you get the teeth whitening treatment and additional procedures, your dental bridge can create problems. This means that dental bridge is an alternate option to facilitate you in chewing food in addition to compensating for the cosmetic flaw in your appearance by giving a natural look.
  2. Main Types of Dental Bridges

  3. Traditionally, crowns are installed on one side of the gap in addition to adding the substitute of the tooth. Most of the dental bridges are made of porcelain, ceramic and metal and it is mostly chosen by the patients. The second type of the dental bridge is called Resin-bonded bridge or Maryland, it is a piece of metal wing conjoined with the natural teeth and the gap between the teeth is filled with plastic material and the framework of metal for the gums. The third type is Cantilever bridge. It is close to traditional options of dental bridges, and however, the position of this one is adjacent to one side of the bridge.
  4. Generally, two visits are required to complete the procedure of fixing the dental bridge in the mouth of the patient. In the first stage, the anchor for the bridge is prepared in form of working on one of the teeth. It involves contouring of the teeth to make space for the crowns. Similarly, the dentist will make impressions in order to make the perfect construct of the bridge and crown. Then, the temporary bridge is installed to complete this stage.
  5. In the second stage, the temporary bridge is replaced with the permanent bridge and it is fixed according to the dental environment. If the dentist feels that the bridge requires temporary cement, it is done to make it easy for the patient and to increase the likelihood of success. If changes are required, the dentist can do that in the following visits so that the permanent bridge is nicely fitted into the mouth. That being said, there are few of the problems associated with the procedure of dental bridges. Therefore, the following points will help you in getting to know more about it.
  6. Role of the Dentists

  7. If you want to avoid the post treatment problems, the best way is to find the right person for the job. This means that if you spend a lot of time on the pros and cons of the dental bridge procedure, but if the dentist is not good, you may not get the expected results. Therefore, it is good to find an expert in the field. It has been observed in many cases that an unprofessional dentist can increase the likelihood of failures. For instance, some of the dentist compromises on the material, while other may not invest proper time on getting the treatment right. Similarly, in few of the cases, the bridge can break after few months which may add to your dental problems rather than making it easy for you.
  8. Bridge Fitting

  9. The fitting of the bridge in accordance with mouth and teeth can play a big role in determining the outcomes of the treatment. For instance, if the person doing your treatment is not good at the job, you cannot get the best results. Moreover, if the bridge is not fit, it can get quite uncomfortable for the patient. Similarly, the poorly fitted bridge can cause your gum to swell or infection may disturb your dental health. In some cases, you do not see the signs, but the symptoms become apparent when it is too late for you. Therefore, if you feel unease after the treatment, it is recommended that you see the dentist.
  10. Oral Hygiene

  11. The role of the patient is also important for the success of any dental treatment. This means that if you maintain the oral health, the problem of the dental bridge in your mouth can be reduced in addition to curbing the gum diseases. Even though dental bridges are not a long-term solution, however, if you pay attention to your dental health, it can extend more than the expected time. Therefore, there is no need to underestimate the false tooth in your mouth, as it helps to make the mouth functions easy.
  12. What you eat and drink is an important part of dental health, as the harmful food content can easily damage the dental bridge, however, if you consume healthy options, it can help to preserve the life of the dental bridge. For instance, if you can restrict the intake of beverages containing an excessive amount of sugar, it can help to avoid lots of dental diseases. Additionally, if you are not completely eliminating the sweet items from your diet, make sure that you brush the teeth after having anything sweet.
  13. Age

  14. With the aging, the health of teeth and dental bridge also gets affected, for example, if you are not producing the required amount of saliva in the mouth, the demineralization of the teeth can start. This is why if you feel that the dental bridge has worn out, you should get it replaced. Moreover, if you are under the impression that it will last a lifetime, you are wrong. Experts are of the view that the dental bridge can last up to fifteen years at most. However, if you have crossed the adolescent age, you may notice changes in your mouth. Hence, get them changed.
  15. Dental-Bridge Problems
  16. If you are wondering about any precaution, remember that eating with the dental bridge is almost similar to the natural teeth. However, it does not mean that you are free to have as many sticky candies as you like. Therefore, if you choose the soft options in food, it can make it easy for you maintain the dental bridge. If you are afraid of the discomfort you might have to go through, you can follow the advice of the dentist to decrease the chances of discomfort in your mouth. However, if a professional dentist has done your treatment, you may not feel any major difference. Furthermore, it is important to take the precautionary steps in order keep the dental bridge clean and free from infections.