CNN, Fox, Time incorrectly break healthcare ruling

In a show of the importance of accurate reporting even when trying to break the story first, several news organizations falsely reported that the Supreme Court struck down the individual mandate aspect of health reform Thursday morning.

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  1. We follow the mistake, from the buildup to the SC decision to readers' reactions, below.
  2. Watch how the mistakes unfolded on broadcast. 
  3. Fox, CNN Jump The Gun On HealthCare Ruling
  4. MSM: CNN & FOX Epic Fail on SCOTUS Health Care Ruling
  5. The original CNN homepage.
  6. Screen Shot 2012-06-28 at 10.16.02 AM
  7. And the corrected.
  8. CNN just can't leave it alone
  9. Time jumped on and got it wrong too. 
  10. CNN, FOX and Time then had to correct their earlier reports. 
  11. But the mistake caused many readers to lose faith in the media.
  12. and they wonder why nobody watches CNN anymore...first the gimmicks, now this?
  13. Your feelings about ACA aside, does anyone else see what is fundamentally wrong with television news with CNN and Fox both getting their facts wrong in a rush to report?