Sikuliaq plunges into the Menominee River

Alaska researchers wait for their jewel to come home


  1. On Oct. 13, the University of Alaska Fairbanks was ready to let its newborn research vessel tread water. The R/V Sikuliaq (See-koo-lee-ack) is named after the Inupiat word for "young sea ice." The ship's dramatic launch lit up Alaska like it was UAF's very own Curiosity landing. 

  2. Not one for dipping her toes into the water, the Sikuliaq unabashedly dove into the river. 

  3. Polar Research Explorer Sikuliaq's launch October 13, 2012
  4. R/V Sikuliaq launch, low angle
  5. New content slowed down as the live-tweeters went home and photos of the launch began making their rounds on Twitter. 

  6. Journalism student Robin Wood wrote a preview about the launch before traveling to the event. UAF's Lynne Lott (originally from Wisconsin) and Wood wrote a story about the launch for the Alaska Dispatch. Other Alaska reporters such as Molly Dischner and Dan Bross also began working on stories. 

  7. @sikuliaq explained what, in 2013, this vessel can mean to far-north oceanography.