Three Plug-Ins That Can Help You Make More Money With Your Website


  1. Are you the webmaster of your website, or perhaps you have some clients? Are they using a WordPress platform, the most popular blogging platform on the Internet today? If you are trying to improve the ranking of any website that is using WordPress, there are plug-ins that you can install that will enable you to help boost the ranking of any page that you have to higher levels. Here are the three plug-ins that you need to install on your website, or a clients website, you start to see a discernible difference in how much money can be made by improving your overall rankings. Here are some Webmaster tips for you.

    Wordfence Security

    This is a plug-in that offers a couple different features. It can improve the security of your website so that people who are trying to login illegally will be stopped in their tracks. This is a free plug-in, but it also does come with a premium API that allows you to use two factor authentication, country blocking, and run scans at pre-determined times. Even if your website is already infected, this plug-in can find any type of malicious program that may be slowing down your system. It also makes your website up to 50 times faster, which in regard to people visiting your site, lowering your bounce rate is going to help you make more money.

    Contact Form 7

    Building a list is by far the most important thing that you can do once your website is up and running. Second only to proper SEO, you need to start building a list. Many people try to use the pop-ups that are available with major autoresponder companies like Aweber. Unfortunately, what you really need is a contact form that looks professional, but you can put to the side of your website in the sidebar where they can click and actually entering their information, making your website look much more legit.

    Jetpack by

    This is a plug-in that recently came out that is very useful, especially if you are trying to get your website mobile ready. Since millions of people actually surf the web using their smartphone, by using these customizable themes that can be easily seen on your tablets and phones, this will allow people to visit your website with whatever device they are using because this mobile ready theme will make it easy for them to browse, and also purchase products, once it is installed.

    By using these plug-ins and themes you will be using the latest technology when it comes to improving your overall revenues. You will have more security, be able to build a list of potential buyers, and also make your website mobile ready by using these technologically advanced plug-ins and themes on your sites.