On Student Shaming

A twitter essay about Chronicle Vitae's Dear Student series and student shaming in higher ed.


  1. Our skeleton can't even.
    Our skeleton can't even.
  2. Over the weekend, Jesse Stommel (@jessifer) wrote that he will no longer write for Chronicle Vitae due to the student shaming series, Dear Student.
  3. Here's the most recent example of the series.
  4. I've been thinking about the columns and Jesse's response to them for days now. I'm not the only one. Dorothy Kim tweeted an epic rant about the culture of student shaming.
  5. Kevin Gannon wrote about not punching down on students.
  6. And Madeleine Elfenbein urged us pull our punches altogether and treat students with mercy.
  7. Ever since reading the columns and the responding posts and tweets, I've been trying to figure out exactly what disquieted me and how I wanted to respond. Like I so often do, I took to Twitter to clarify my position.
  8. This is what I decided.
  9. Miles S. Mullin agreed.
  10. What I realized is that the columns on first glance shame students, but a second look brought me to a new conclusion.
  11. Students can be challenging, but they still need our support.
  12. Yet, what if the Dear Student columns reflect common attitudes toward students by faculty?