Badass by Sable Hunter: Prologue & Chapter 1

Read With Me Vicariously: Live-Tweeting Isaac & Avery's Story (Book 4 of the Hell Yeah! series)


  1. Oops - Hell Yeah! 4, not 3. I'm in some kind of Bad Erotica Wormhole.

  2. My computer chair at home is a vintage Bell Telephone operator's chair from the early 1960s. Very Mad Men-esque. It has a nifty cool little shelf under the seat where the ladies kept their purses. I love my chair. I will post a pic and make you very jealous.
  3. Random Fun Fact: Shady Lady hookers are named Destiny, Desiree, Roxy and Claret.
  4. Kindle location 221: “'Watch your teeth. Don’t bite the boy,' Claret fussed, taking her job seriously. That thought sobered Avery up; she didn’t want to do Isaac’s private parts any damage."
  5. Kindle Location 264: "Avery leaned back against the wall and sighed. 'This is just my luck. I get branded a good-time girl and I’ve never even been around the block. I’m probably the first virgin fallen woman in history.'" - Um, NO, that would be the actual Mary Magdalene, who was NOT a prostitute.
  6. Kindle location 357: Random funny business at the ranch involving a long story about a bull and a bull semen purchaser in a literal pissing match. One brother refers to another brother as "the Bull Whisperer of Central Texas."

    And then, once again, the moment is RUINED.