Badass by Sable Hunter: Chapters 7 & 8

Read With Me Vicariously: Live-Tweeting Isaac & Avery's Story (Book 4 of the Hell Yeah! series)


  1. Fun fact: I'm a flaming liberal. In case you were wondering.
  2. Completely irrelevant fact: Hermaphrodite's name is Pawnee Baker. "Isaac had seen a lot of things. He knew transsexuals, bisexuals, homosexuals, even some who claimed to be asexual, but never had he met someone with both male and female genitalia." Someone did their Wikipedia Info-Dumping homework!
  3. Plot convolutions: Bro #5 Noah's ex Harper is badly beaten by Abusive Dom Ajax. Noah tells Harper she asked for it by being into S&M. Noah then tracks down ginormous bad guy to teach him a lesson, but wind up getting horsewhipped himself. Literally.

    Meanwhile, our current hero and heroine test out the new mechanical bull at the bar. Like really stress-testing it. You know, seeing if their bare bums will stick to the faux leather and if they need hospital-strength antiseptic spray or just the regular kind.

  4. This author has a thing for pumpkin. We get pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, and heroes calling heroines "pumpkin."
  5. Loc 3436: Bro # 2 Jacob yelling at Bro #5 Noah about his condemnation of Bro #3 Isaac:


    Jacob: "Your brother is a damn good man. He may walk to the beat of a different drummer – but so do you. And I hate to tell you this, but I much prefer his cadence to yours...."

    Noah: "Jacob, I..."

    Jacob: “No, let me finish. I don’t often speak my peace – and this has got to be said. I love you and I have forgiven you, but I can’t completely forget that your reluctance to accept Jessie almost cost her life – and me my world. You push too hard, Noah. You’re too unyielding. You think you have all the answers and like black and white are the only two colors in the rainbow. Even you have to admit – you were wrong about Jessie, as wrong as wrong can be. And you’re wrong about Isaac and Avery. After Jessie was kidnapped, it was Isaac who stuck with me through thick and thin. He never left my side. I don’t discount what you did – you fixed up the nursery for her and you were the first on the scene and were wounded so that she could be saved. But – and this is a big but – it wouldn’t have happened at all, not like it did, if you hadn’t interfered and said things that made her believe I didn’t love her. Now, you’ve pushed Isaac away and he, in turn, has pushed Avery aside. What if they’re supposed to be together and what if your unyielding spirit and narrow-minded bullshit tears Isaac from our lives and destroys their happiness? How would you feel then?"

    See what I mean? Except for the peace/piece thing, that right there is SOME F'ING GOOD WRITING. If only Sable Hunter would use her powers for good instead of evil. A prime example:

  6. From eloquent emotion to eye-rolling idioms. MAKE UP YOUR MIND. And PLEASE choose the first option. *sigh*
  7. For all their popularity and philanthropy and general studliness, the McCoys sure do inspire a lot of revenge. And you'd think after multiple kidnappings, they'd be smart enough to raze all the unused outbuildings on their property.
  8. Why? God help us, WHY?
  9. Heroine: "I know who and what you are," she spat the words at him. "You are Ajax - the man who hurt Noah and Harper. Mostly, you're a coward."

    Bad Guy: "I may just fuck you before I carve you up. How would you like that?”

    Heroine: “No!” Being beat was one thing, being raped was entirely different. “I would hate it! Just the idea of your filthy body touching mine makes me want to throw up!"

    I was going to gag, but then:

    "...she made him regret he hadn’t chained her feet first, because she brought her knee up hard and tried to jam his balls up into his throat."

    THAT'S my girl. But it doesn't last. *sigh*