Badass by Sable Hunter: Chapter 3

Read With Me Vicariously: Live-Tweeting Isaac & Avery's Story (Book 4 of the Hell Yeah! series)

  1. Fun Fact: Upcoming events at Hardbodies include wet t-shirt content, jell-o wrestling and mechanical bull riding.
  2. Isaac: "Dance for me, gypsy." yay for more show tunes! "Let Me Entertain You" or "You Gotta Have a Gimmick" or "Everything's Coming Up Roses" or.... *~* happy sigh *~*
  3. She's not only embarrassed, she APOLOGIZES. Did she learn NOTHING from the Shady Lady hookers?
  4. So ONCE AGAIN, it's OK to be a manwhore, but women must remain pure. The noise you hear is my teeth grinding.