Badass by Sable Hunter: Chapter 2

Read With Me Vicariously: Live-Tweeting Isaac & Avery's Story (Book 4 of the Hell Yeah! series)


  1. I am SO wearing that for Halloween this year.

  2. Random Fun Fact: One of the private investigators sent to track down Avery was "a tracker who had been on the seal team that took down Bin Laden." I'm assuming seal = SEAL. And damn, but chasing runaway virgins must be a SERIOUS career downer after the Bin Laden thing.
  3. Kindle location 566: Soap bubble analogy:
  4. Avery arrives at Isaac's bar (named Hardbodies - get it? get it?) wearing biker chic. My thoughts: Fishnet stockings + leather short shorts = wedgie time.

    Later: "Her outfit was supposed to be seductive – hopefully, but it wasn’t worth a burn from the muffler."

    "Yeow! Ow! My biscuits are burnin'! Fire in the hatch! Great horny toads, that smarts" - Yosemite Sam, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, 1988
  5. Random Fun Fact: Jacob and Libby (Book 2: Hot On Her Trail) will be naming their baby Bowie Travis.
  6. Whoops, forgot to share change of scenery - we're now in a local hotel room, because Avery Rose doesn't want to have her first orgasms in her parent's house. She's been saving it for a special occasion, and if a night at the Long Stay Suites in Kerrville, Texas isn't special, I don't know what is.

    So I'm reading along, thinking "hmmm, we're a little light on the Simile Sex and Everybody Puts Baby In A Corner in this one..." And then:
  7. There we go. All is right with the world. Or at least all is right in the oxygen-deprived, lead-in-the-water geographical anomaly known as Kerrville, Texas (the fictional town, not the real one).
  8. I really hate the word "gifted." Unless there's ecstasy involved. I mean ecstasy as a *concept* not as a recreational drug.