An amateur's journey through Ireland's coffee shops


  1. Coffee shops and cafés are hard to miss if you're walking down the street in a city. In Dublin, there was a coffee shop practically every 200 feet. Or at least that's what it seemed like.
  2. So naturally,what would a journalist want to write about while abroad? With being surrounded by a brown cup of heaven everywhere I walked, the answer was obvious. Journalists and coffee are the perfect marriage. I ventured to a few different coffee shops throughout Ireland on our faculty-led trip. What I discovered was very tasty...and I tried not to choose just any old coffee shops. They had to seem quaint and somewhat unique in style. Though I'm a fan, no Starbucks on this trip. I was on a mission, an adventure. A coffeeventure.

  3. Affluent aromas sifted through my nostrils as I walked into each coffee shop I visited. The smell alone was worth the money I spent. Lattes were a common order of mine, but I occasionally had the sweet tooth for a mocha. I was mostly hoping for some cool coffee art, but it wasn't as common as I thought it would be.
  4. The first place I wandered to for a latte was KC Peaches in Dublin, which seemed to be a bit of a chain, though it wasn't noticeable inside. The atmosphere was mellow, complete with dimmed lighting and wood floors. I ordered a regular latte, which was mediocrely decorated. The latte itself was a good pick-me-up, but wasn't anything special. But anything coffee-related looks nice, doesn't it?
  5. Yes. The answer to that last question is yes. And a mocha doesn't serve as an exception. During a brief stop in Kinsale, I strolled into a coffee and chocolate shop. Is there anything more you could need in life?
  6. Simply the best mocha I've ever had in my 22 years of life. Real dark chocolate in coffee-ish form=pure greatness. #ireland #coffee #kinsale ☕️🍫#mocha #darkchocolate #coffeeventures
    Simply the best mocha I've ever had in my 22 years of life. Real dark chocolate in coffee-ish form=pure greatness. #ireland #coffee #kinsale ☕️🍫#mocha #darkchocolate #coffeeventures
  7. This was the best mocha I've ever had. And I'm not just saying that.
  8. As I walked into Green Bean, I was greeted by a tall, middle-aged Irish chocolatier and owner of the shop. The small space was cozy and had the essentials. Chocolate, coffee and a cash register. All the necessities to run a business. In the mood for something sweet, I opted for a mocha. I was graciously given three choices (white, milk, or dark chocolate) and told that it would be a small wait, as the chocolate had to be melted. REAL chocolate was used to make this drink. I was so spoiled.
  9. What was the process of making this wondrous brew, you might ask?
  10. Step 1: Clean the machine.
  11. Steps to make the best mocha ever: 1. Clean the machine. #Ireland #coffeeventures #mocha #greenbean #kinsale
  12. Step 2:
  13. Step 2: grind and pound the beans. #coffeeventures #kinsale #Ireland #mocha #greenbean 🍫☕️
  14. Step 3:
  15. Step 3: repeat. #coffeeventures #kinsale #greenbean #Ireland
  16. Step 4:
  17. Step 4: steam and flow. #kinsale #coffeeventures #Ireland #coffee #mocha #studyabroad #UNL
  18. Step 5:
  19. Step 5: prepare for the pour. #kinsale #Ireland #mocha #coffee #coffeeventures
  20. Step 6:
  21. Step 6: pound and pour. #kinsale #greenbean #Ireland #coffeeventures #mocha #coffee