Huffington Post Gay wage yet another war of words on trans people. This time its murder.

First it was 'tranny'. We won that battle and to be truthful I thought they had learned somthing from it. But sadly not so. Now they want to force 'she male' on the trans community.


  1. RuPaul and his drag race lost the words of words he started in 09 with the word 'tranny'. 
    Basically, the defense of the transgender communities right to decide on the use of that
     defamation rested squarely on my blog. It was planetransgender verse the gay world.
    But once again da gays are attacking.
  2. This video mocking Parker Marie Molloy by Rupaul's drag race X contestant
     Alaska Thunderfuck was published by Noah Michelson  executive editor, 
    HuffPost Gay Voices.
     It has since been removed with a explanation that they were simply
    engaged in a conversation. Gay people humiliating and murdering a trans woman
    who has spoken out against them using trans defamation is not conversation or funny.

     *Except if you are a "cock sucking faggot" or TERF Cathy Brennan.
  3. RuPaul's Drag Race Season 76
  4. Yes I said "Cock Sucking Faggot" and I am entitled to say it in the same way that 
    Michelson is entitled to say 'shemale' or defend the use of 'tranny' by cisgender gay men in drag,
     right Noah? 

    OH Wait!! Noah Michelson says that if you aren't gay, saying 'cock sucking fag' becomes a slur.