#StillaProblem II: academic science is (still) sexist

Twitter and blog responses to Wendy Williams' and Stephen Ceci's CNN op-ed and PNAS paper claiming that sexism in hiring of academic science faculty is a "myth".


  1. In October 2014, Cornell professors Wendy Williams and Stephen Ceci published a research paper and accompanying New York Times op-ed claiming to have demonstrated that academic science is no longer sexist. Alberto Roca curated the Twitter reactions and blog critiques that followed in his #StillaProblem Storify. A highlight was Emily Willingham's blog post Academic science is sexist: We do have a problem here, the last line of which inspired the #StillaProblem hashtag. Now Williams and Ceci are back with another paper/op-ed combo claiming to have demonstrated that barriers to women in science (this time sexist hiring) are a thing of the past. Here are some* of the reactions and critiques that followed.
  2. Update 4/48: On April 24, Williams and Ceci updated their PDF document "ADDITIONAL RESOURCES FOR PNAS FACULTY HIRING STUDY (APRIL 2015)" to include a response to some of these responses, beginning on p. 30 of the PDF.
  3. *The #StillaProblem hashtag was created for the discussion of the October paper/op-ed, but unfortunately wasn't brought back until very late in this current discussion. Without a hashtag, I have had to rely on my own mentions, timeline, and searches to pull this together, and so I've probably missed a lot. If you think I left something out, ping me on Twitter (@kejames) and I'll add it. Update 4/22: There's another hashtag on the scene now: #GaslightingDuo.
  4. To start, so that you don't have to scroll through endless pages of tweets to find the blog posts, I'll put them all up front here. They're just in roughly chronological order. I may sort them into categories at a later date.
  5. Zuleyka Zevallos responded to David Miller's post as a comment under her own blog post, here.
  6. The above post has a notable comment by David Miller (direct link to comment). Edit: Miller's comment is now a blog post of its own. I've posted it above under Zuleyka Zevallos' post to which it responds.