Ripples of Doubt

#RipplesOfDoubt is a Twitter hashtag devoted to sharing experiences of self-doubt that ripple out - in small and large ways, through lives and through communities - as a result of abuse and/or harassment. Also see: #ripplesofhope.

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  1. [Trigger warning: sexual abuse/harassment]

    Following revelations that science 'blogfather' Bora Zivkovic, leader of the ScienceOnline community and Scientific American blog editor, sexually harassed at least two women (good background here, here, here, and many other places), a string of tweets caught my attention:
  2. Though I'd been closely following the upsetting events of the last few days, and though I had replayed some of my own interactions with Bora in my mind, wondering what they might mean, I hadn't considered how hard this same exercise might be for others with different experiences from mine. But still, in my mind, it was a theoretical harm.

    That is, until Allie Wilkinson bravely tweeted…
  3. I thought about it some more  and tweeted…
  4. Then the flood gates opened.