#clmooc Make Cycle 2: Memes


  1. In this second week/cycle of #clmooc, members of the Northern California Writing Project asked participants to create memes. Many great images followed:
  2. In the prompt for this Make Cycle, we were told "anything that spreads and evolves widely in a culture is a meme." At least one participant found they were able to create something that would likely spread and evolve widely in culture simply by posting an image that already had text on it because the image/text combo had taken on new meaning due to recent events (i.e., tiny.cc/lco4hx):
  3. Of course, lots of conversation about memes also ensued, including some valuable critiques:
  4. And as you might have imagined, there are even whole other storified representations of key moments in this week's Make Cycle on memes: