Trayvon Martin and Kim Kardashian: A False Twitter Meme

It's a great juxtaposition of the absurd. Trayvon Martin was killed on February 26 and the man who confessed still walks free, no arrest. Kim Kardashian was "flour bombed" on Thursday ... and the perp was immediately arrested ... right?


  1. Originally published Sat 24 March at 11 pm Pacific. Updated Mon 26 March at 1 am Pacific. Updated Tu 27 March at 11:30 pm Pacific
  2. Wrong!  According to Reuters, "the perpetrator was detained by police -- then released after Kardashian declined to press charges."  Being detained at the scene is not an arrest.  [On Saturday Kardashian said she might press charges after all. Maybe she wants to make the record match the Twitter meme!]
  3. Update No one has retracted their tweets or acknowledged my tweet advising that they were spreading false info. Now there's a fake Will Smith "poster" on TwitPic that has spurred a new round of false tweets.
  4. Will Smith on #TrayvonMartin .We heard you Trayvon, You were loved, important,and of Great value to the world! RT
    Will Smith on #TrayvonMartin .We heard you Trayvon, You were loved, important,and of Great value to the world! RT
  5. Either the guy running the "RealWillSmith" (not true) Twitter account tweeted this or someone photoshopped it. If he tweeted it, he has subsequently changed his avatar and deleted it. 
  6. First Tweets The first tweets do not claim that Kardashian was arrested. And they got no traction (no retweets). 
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  10. But the first tweet (per Twitter search) to claim an arrest was retweeted more than 50 times, even though the Twitter account holder has less than 4,000 followers. And the "this takes the cake" Tweet comes from Piers Morgan. Not only does he get the gender of the flour-bomber wrong, he, too, claims an arrest. And let's not forget. He's employed as a journalist. With 2+ million followers on Twitter. [Don't expect a retraction.] Let's not let a good soundbite get in the way of facts, shall we? It's Mike Daisey, without "harm."
  11. Message Morphs, Includes Arrest
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