Texas Legislature Changes Timestamps on SB5 Votes

One minute, the vote on Texas Senate Bill 5 occurred on June 26. The next, the date had been changed to June 25, suggesting the vote took place before the special legislative session ended.


  1. UPDATE 3.11 am Pacific
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  3. As the clock ticked down on the special session, the gallery crowd began chanting and shouting, making it impossible to conduct business. Senate leadership was trying to end a filibuster so that they could hold a vote on SB5, a sweeping anti-abortion bill, before the door shut on the session at midnight.
  4. Soon after midnight, AP was reporting that the bill had passed. Texas Monthly said, not so fast. 
  5. Confusion was the word of the morning. 
  6. And then the vote was updated on the Texas legislature's website:
  7. Here's my screen capture, taken at 10.59 pm Pacific. It clearly shows two votes occurred after midnight. [Just prior to this, it had shown three votes, unless I miscounted. But I counted twice because I thought that only two votes took place after midnight.]