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Social media secrets: highlights from #WLW14

An attempt to beat a prior Guinness record for attendance, this Hubspot webinar reportedly attracted 34,000.


  1. Melding savvy self-promotion with social media madness, Hubspot pulled together a social media webinar featured representatives of Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Seeking to break its 2011 Guinness record of 10,899 webinar attendees, this 2014 effort reportedly attracted 34,000.
  2. Most of the 2014 tips were basic, but there are always a few shareable factoids/soundbites:
  3. Twitter

  4. Russ Laraway (@russlaraway) represented Twitter on the line-up and suggested putting hashtags in your bio and making sure your had a URL (doh). 
  5. I was surprised that he featured an account (@bonobos) that did not yet have the new profile (nor did Laraway make that point; and if he told us that profiles were opening up on the 23rd, I missed it). 
  6. Some key take-aways:
  7. Laraway actually said 40% / 39% / 36% >> but 45 and 39 sound a lot alike with bad audio -- I replayed the audio to be sure. But the data wasn't on his visual. Hello, webinar people! Put your stats on your slides! Audio. Problems. Happen.
  8. I think 20% could be too much if the content is blatantly promotional. Direct offers are blatantly promotional.
  9. And if you are trying to drive off-line conversion: 
  10. That's an example of a tweet with a photo. :-)
  11. What Laraway didn't explain is which kind of photos get this sort of engagement. Any photo or just photos that appear organic when a tweet is viewed on the web? I'm guessing the later.
  12. Karianne makes a good point: the webinar was billed as one of "secrets" but much of the content was 101. However, social is still "new" even though some of us have been along for the ride since the 90s. Or early 00s. 
  13. Tip for presenters: acknowledge that you're providing some basic info for level-setting or background. Let us know that you know the info is basic, which implies that momentarily your info will be worth hanging around to hear.
  14. Facebook