Reactions To Texas Stance On Abortion Ban

UPDATED: It didn't take long for Texas Governor Rick Perry to call another special session in order to pass an anti-abortion bill that he could get pushed through in the regular session.


  1. But his wasn't the only reaction to Tuesday night's shenanigans
  2. It was one of the predictable ones, but not the only one.
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  4. An iconic photograph:

  5. "In our three decades in print, we've never released a cover before publication, but we're thrilled to share this cover with readers now. We don’t go to press for another few hours on our print issue, but we are 100% certain that whatever happens next, this is the image we want our readers to take away from the extraordinary events of the past week – an image of triumph, not despair." - Austin Chronicle 

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  7. Hilary texts:

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  10. Comedy's best line:

  11. "The Texas Senate majority [is] just being consistent. They simply believe that if late one night, when you're swept away by your emotions you make a stupid mistake, you should always have a chance to fix it later and not have to live with the consequences."
    - John Oliver, TDS
  12. Posters galore: