More than 2,000 challenge Rep. Chaffetz at town hall Thursday night

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT-03) left a packed, skeptical and challenging town hall session about 40 minutes before it was scheduled to end. Chaffetz, the chair of the House Oversight Committee, took about a dozen questions from the audience, which loudly demanded he "explain yourself."


  1. The Brighton High School auditorium seats 1,080; another 1,500 people stood outside Thursday night, with signs and chants.
  2. "Explain yourself," they roared.

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  4. Crowd overflows the 1,000+ seat auditorium

  5. "Everybody's doing what they are supposed to do ... they're demonstrating ... peacefully ... not violating other people's rights. This is how you protest." Unnamed Utah police officer (video clip below)
  6. Those left outside protested, chanting phrases like “Bring him (Chaffetz) out,” or “Do your job,” and holding signs with phrases like “Give me tax returns or give me impeachment.” Daily Herald
  7. Jonny Griffith, chairman of the Utah County Democratic Party: “People are showing up in a way that they never have before."
  8. Notes as the event unfolded

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  10. Autism/anti-vaccination