Google pushes journalists to create G+ profiles

Wednesday, Google announced that GoogleNews now links to Google+ profiles (if included with an article), and displays not only name and photo but "how many Google+ users have that person in their circles."


  1. The announcement came via the GoogleNews Blog:
  2. Not surprisingly, their example was a tech journalist. When I looked at GoogleNews this morning, the only profile showing was a tech journalist.
  3. Google News Profile
    Google News Profile
  4. At 4.10 pm Pacific, when I should have had my mind firmly fixed on my 6 o'clock class, I posted this short "worry" to Google+. The only thing I had read was the Google blog post, which I saw because of a TechMeme entry in TweetDeck. I had no idea that there was a deep discussion about to begin over on Twitter, but I was uneasy when I read the release:
  5. First Ethan Klapper and then Emily Bell raised the issue on Twitter:
  6. Emily Bell got the most Twitter discussion:
  7. Those who responded, in the main, shared her concerns:
  8. One issue, of course, is that Google is privileging its own social network, ignoring others:
  9. Alexander Howard (@digiphile) was pretty adamant in his support of the change, but Kevin Marks (@kevinmarks) agreed with Emily that this is a forcing action.