GoDaddy: Poster Child For Silicon Valley Sexism

[updated 12.27 am Feb 4] When I teach a class that involves students purchasing domain names and building a website, I always advise against GoDaddy as a registrar. The 2013 SuperBowl ad gives me a new answer when asked why.


  1. As do the many that came before it. 
  2. I'll add the demeaning ads to these reasons: the horrible UX and the company's 2012 support of SOPA. And, yes, Silicon Valley is home to one of the most sexist industries on the planet.
  3. 2013 SuperBowl Commercial #theKiss

  4. The response on Twitter, including the #notbuyingit hashtag (which is for all sexist ads, not just GoDaddy), has been harsh. 
  5. Perfect Match - Bar Refaeli's Big Kiss! | Official Commercial
  6. (@namedotcom) quickly launched a spoof on Saturday:

  7. The Other Kiss: A Parody of the GoDaddy Commercial
  8. The only thing that will cause to change its advertising tactics would be losing customers:
  9. has a history of sexist ads and advertising copy, spawning calls for boycotting the company. 
  10. Last year, called for a switch. LifeHacker provides clear how-to leave instructions and outlines additional problems with the service:
  11. I had to sign up for an account to write this post, and if it weren't necessary for writing this post I'd never have finished. I had to continue going back through the signup process because I'd either end up with a service I didn't anticipate, I wouldn't get what I wanted, or my cart would be set to bill me for for long term hosting. Even when I corrected everything, I was still required to opt a minimum of two months after jumping through several hoops....