Google Fiber Comes To Kansas City

A collection of news, tweets, rumors & facts leading up to Google's big announcement in Kansas City on July 26, 2012.

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  1. Crews spent days leading up to the announcement prepping Google Fiber's flagship office at 43rd St. & State Line Rd.
  2. Oh what a night..been working at the new Google Fiber building outside in the heat for 4 days last week, and last night worked there from 5pm to 430am this morning, putting on the final touches on the building for Googles worldwide announcement later this morning.
  3. Google Fiber will provide both Kansas City, Kan. and Kansas City, Mo. with network connectivity at 1 gigabit per second -- about 100 times faster than the average American's connection speed.
  4. Google is live-streaming their press announcement today at 11am Central time.
  5. KC peeps, you can watch today's Google Fiber announcement on YouTube using this link - 
  6. The tech community, both locally and in cities around the world, is anxious to hear when and how Google plans to implement the project.
  7. The plans have been under a gag order stipulated by Kansas City's contract with the company (the city is obligated to "cooperate with Google on all publicity and public relations for the Project, including the obligation to obtain Google’s approval for all public statements or announcements related to the Project"), since it was announced in March 2011 that Google Fiber would be coming to Kansas City, Kan. The full contract can be viewed here.
  8. Amongst the excitement remain concerns. For one, Google's original commitment to an open network was called into question, and the company's commitment to keeping mum didn't dispel those fears. Other speculators call into question the ease with which ordinary Kansas Citians can access the new ultra-fast network.
  9. And with all the hype surrounding today's announcement, there will be some inevitable disappointments.
  10. The live coverage, beginning at 11am Central, can be seen via Google's YouTube service here. Below, Google's Fiber television commercial that began airing July 18, featuring that song that Kansas Citians hear only when out-of-towners come to call.
  11. Google Fiber: Thank You, Kansas City