1. Creative content is usually what catches my eye when browsing social media channels and apparently I'm not the only one. There have been countless articles showing how the analytics back up the idea that images increase engagement. After reading the description of Donna Morris's session...
  2. Do you need to get serious about visual content? Creating visuals that get shared and drive traffic isn't hard work if you use the right formula. In this session Donna Moritz (founder, Socially Sorted) reveals seven steps to creating a visual marketing strategy that works. You'll discover the tools, techniques and insider knowledge required to create a visual content strategy that turns fans into customers and advocates for your brand.
  3. ... I was intrigued and wanted to learn her secrets! Below I've recounted the most important tidbits I gathered from her session at #SMMW15:
  4. @SociallySorted placed 2 trial passes for Canva Pro on every chair in the room as well as a pair of 3D glasses. A few of her slides were 3D so we needed to use the glasses. After, she encouraged us to take notes on our glasses and then place them on our desks when we got home as a visual reminder to implement our new ideas from #SMMW15. Loved that.
  5. As a complete nerd and a huge Doctor Who fan, I very much enjoyed her TARDIS simile, above, which she also rephrased in a more recent tweet.
  6. I actually had just found @Canva on my own via Twitter. The have some great free tutorials and tools that allow you to edit pictures ON their website. For those wanting to learn to design simple graphics for social media, I'd highly recommend their Design School.
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