Best Oscar 2012 Tweets

The funniest commentary and recaps of the best 84th Academy Awards moments, starting from the red carpet all the way through Best Picture.


  1. If you don't understand the above tweet, just look here.
  2. By "Dumbledore," Kelly Oxford meant Robert Richardson, the cinematographer for Hugo. 
  3. Throughout the show, there were short videos of actors discussing what movies they love and why they are in the film industry. Apparently the first movie Brad Pitt remembers seeing was Gargantuas.
  4. Next year, if we can't get Billy Crystal to host again, or someone like Tina Fey, can we please have Chris Rock again?
  5. This tweet occurred after Emma Stone presented an award with Ben Stiller, and rocked a hilarious shtick. Of course, I'm assuming the tweet is related to that, and not just because Emma Stone is a charming, personable young woman with great acting skills and sense of humor, although that could be the actual reason behind the tweet.