Transgender Awareness Gains Momentum With Recent Progress

Transgender awareness is growing with more people who identify as transgender sharing the personal struggles they face, while the Obama Administration announces the lift on the Medicare ban for sex reassignment surgery.

  1. Transgender awareness has recently been the spotlight for the growing equal rights struggle. The acronym LGBTQ has been the forefront for years with the lesbian and gay rights movement for equality, in marriage and in healthcare. Recently that momentum has carried over to transgender equality. This means more people are being accepted and understood through education and awareness.
  2. Within the last month the Medicare ban on sex reassignment surgery or SRS has been lifted, this is a huge step forward for the transgender community.  A transgender icon Laverne Cox, a star of the Netflix series Orange Is The New Black, graces the cover of TIME magazine; while this has initiated debates for equality, it has additionally sparked negative op-eds from other publications. The buzz has been creating awareness and understanding but since no one story of transitioning is the same and each transition is as unique as the individual, being transgender and advancing equality faces many struggles.
  3. My sister, the amazing Jen Richards, responds to the hateful op-ed published in the Chicago Sun-Times this week.... 
  4. Many in the transgender community are talking about the struggles and celebrating the achievements of the progress and shifting focus toward the equality movement. Local organization the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico or TGRCNM held their first ever Trans March on May 29th, 2014. With events, the ability to educate, and the offering of support, the TGRCNM is strengthening the real world acceptance for those who identify as being transgender.

  5. "For the first time ever, the transgender community of New Mexico is bringing a Trans March to the state’s... 
  6. Emma Smith, Founder of, is requesting signatures to promote the ban lift on transgender service to the United States Armed Forces. This comes in the midst of the defense secretary, Chuck Hagel placing the ban on review. In an interview on ABC’s This Week Hagel stated, “Every qualified American who wants to serve our country should have an opportunity.”