Twitter Scavenger Hunt

Showing what the life of a University of Florida student is like. -By Katherine Brown


  1. 1. School/community spirit. For this tweet, I really wanted to show something that included both school and community spirit, not one or the other. That's why I decided to showcase a student organization, Delta Nu Zeta, that attempts to help the Gainesville community through service. In this picture, one of their members is passing out flyers for their upcoming recruitment of new members.

  2. 2. Favorite food/drink place. This tweet was pretty straightforward. I simply went to my favorite restaurant, Rice Thai Sushi & Asian Fusion, and ordered my favorite meal: red curry.

  3. 3.Professor on the street. I asked my Florida History professor, Dr. Steven Noll, what he thought about the role of social media in the classroom. He said he uses Facebook groups to keep up with his previous students long after the semesters end.

  4. 4. Student on the street. I asked Megan Jones what she was most excited for this semester. You would think, since she is a second-semester senior, that it would be graduation. Not for Megan, though.

  5. 5. Academic excellence. For this, I really wanted to show how the student body uses our excellent library system. Ashley Hale, who was studying in the Marston Science Library when I took this photo, talked with me about the resources available to UF students.

  6. 6. Winter fun. I just wanted to make people jealous with this tweet! Since the weather rarely gets truly cold in Gainesville, guys can continue to wear shorts and T-shirts, even in January.

  7. 7. Scenic spot. I had to pick The Swamp for this category. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Florida Field is my absolute favorite place on campus for both it's beauty and the memories I've made there. It's not really possibly to take a full picture of the stadium at once, so for this photo I utilized the panoramic capabilities of my camera to try and capture the whole scene.

  8. 8. Fanatic fans. I really wanted to show not just regular fans for this tweet, but a fan who really knew what they were talking about in addition to being a huge Gator fan. Paige Watson goes to every Gator basketball game and knows all of the players. She might not look like a crazy fan, but when she gets in the O'Connell Center, she gets rowdy with everybody else.