Top Tweets from 10th International Symposium on Milk Genomics & Human Health

Highlights from conference postings covering riveting talks, new research questions, informative workshops and general musings of being researching the intricacies of milk.

  1. Official conference business can be found at the International Milk Genomics Consortium Website
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  3. Let the Tweet parade begin...
  4. @Mammals_Suck I have not seen one. I am pretty sure the organizers didn't choose one.
  5. No conference hash tag? Not for long...
  6. Bruce German at #IMGC2013 "The age of genomics was a change in science that was destructive, transformative, and spectacular"
  7. Dave Mills on transgenic cattle: Just because you have a hammer doesn't mean you need to find a nail #UCDavis #IMGC2013
  8. There is no holding us back now.
  9. If #IMGC2013 was a word cloud, "Danielle Lemay" would be blowing up! :-) u/people/directory/dglemay
  10. The second day of the conference was christened with beautiful weather and anticipation of cutting edge research.
  11. Me too! “@DavidSela: looking forward to another glorious day at #IMGC2013 leading off @Mammals_Suck #UCDavis
  12. .@Mammals_Suck @theladybeck Nope. gonna sit in the front row with a goofy grin on my face as I get pulverized by your science...
  13. With a note to Laurie Jacobsen, the hash tag gained momentum.
  14. Bruce German said it ... #IMGC2013 is official. Let the talks begin!
  15. We all are RT @Mammals_Suck: Russ Hovey"The mammary gland- maybe I'm biased- is one of the most interesting tissues one can study" #IMGC2013
  16. Hovey- just milk it- undergrad #UCDavis program to study lactation #IMG2013
  17. Milk production per cow has tripled in the last 50 years from genetic, nutritional, and other technological gains -Russ Hovey #IMGC2013
  18. Um, can I go back to undergrad and take Hovey's hands-on induce lactation in a cow course? #IMGC2013
  19. @Mammals_Suck Only if you come up with awesome cow names like Shamoolah
  20. "Let nature do the experiment, and chase the phenotype" --Lehnert on dairying and chasing mutations as alternative to transgenesis #IMGC2013
  21. Social media will play a huge role in personalized medicine - Juan Medrano #IMGC2013
  22. Juan Medrano details milk RNA-Seq procedure & highlights bioinformatics involved instead of leaving it a black box like many do #IMGC2013
  23. RNA from milk fat trumps milk cells and invasive mammary biopsies to understand mammary epithelial cells - Danielle Lemay #UCDavis #IMGC2013
  24. Personalize human milk fortification for each preterm infant -Jennifer Smilowitz #imgc2013
  25. Day 3 of IMGC kicks off with a song.
  26. The song "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green sums up the IMGC community and then we sing the praise of Carlito Lebrilla
  27. Lebrilla: #beer makes a great source of oligosaccharides to tune your FTICR #IMGC2013
  28. Can discern breastfed infant from formula fed infant based on their oligosaccharides in serum - Carlito Lebrilla #UCDavis #IMGC2013
  29. Gut microbiome is an organ. Can we phenotype it based on the collective saccharolytic enzymes? Carlito Lebrilla #IMGC2013
  30. My jaw just dropped. Carlito better drop the mic at the end of this talk #IMGC2013
  31. I really like how biochemists & microbiologists incl. photos on results slides of trainees actually doing the day to day work #IMGC2013
  32. Great data viz by Andres Guerrero to show proteolytic activity on B-casein #IMGC2013
  33. Dave dallas: milk proteins are sources of bioactive peptides, but are "encrypted" in intact proteins #imgc2013
  34. my favorite part of #imgc2013 is every talk ends in how it can be applied to current problems & expanded for scale up.. Like right now.
  35. Mammosphere model provides an in vitro environment similar to the mammary gland - Julie Sharp #IMGC2013
  36. Really cool studies on wallaby milk influencing maturation shown by Vengama Modepalli. #IMGC2013
  37. Conference tweets live on to educate other scientists and the public.
  38. "@Mammals_Suck: "For every liter of milk produced, 500 liters of blood have to flow though the mammary gland" -Hovey #IMGC2013 #holywow" wow