1. I wanted to do my blog over Michael Phelps.  He is without a doubt my favorite athlete competing in the Olympics.  
  2. I realize that the London games hasn't panned out to be the "Michael Phelps Show" that was Bejing, but he was able to win his 19th gold medal!  He now holds the record for most gold medals by a single Olympian.
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  4. Actually, President Barack Obama called Phelps after he won the gold to tell him exactly how proud he is that Phelps represents the United States.  I thought that was really cool!
  5. Round 2 of the Phelps v. Lochte showdown is scheduled for today when the two face each other for the last time in the 200 meter individual medley.
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  7. Phelps is set to retire after the 2012 games, so let's hope he wins big in London!!!