Manti Te'o: from Hoax to Highroad

A recap of the attitudes surrounding the Te'o scandal.


  1. If you're like me, you're probably pretty tired of hearing about the Manti Te'o scandal. Now, I understand that I just so happen to attend the University whose football program is affiliated with Te'o, and can see why this very "strange" story attracts viewers (football fans and non-football fans alike), but hear me out: This story should be the least of people's concerns! From the point of view of football fans, Te'o remained an excellent player and integral part of the Notre Dame team, regardless of his role in the scandal.

  2. Even if this scandal did affect his performance in the National Championship game, let's be honest, Alabama crushed Notre Dame, and probably would have even if Te'O was at the top of his game.
  3. Furthermore, I wish my ND pals would drop the Te'o story because, contrary to what most ND people think, this story really wasn't that big.

  4. Without even really getting into it, where's the moral accountability of some of these journalists? Why do we live in a society that loves watching others be humiliated?
  5. Since it concerns ND, it's only natural that ND students and affiliates might get more into following the story than most people. After being assigned the story as the subject of my "Future of Journalism" class's first blog entry, many of my classmates responded with zeal and genuine interest:
  6.  Like I said, I understand why this story excites ND affiliated people, but as a member of one of those on the outside of the ND-football cult, I agree with these random gentleman:
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  10. In the midst of such apathy, journalists have fired back, insisting, "This story matters, damnit!"
  11. Honestly, just let it go...
    But, thankfully, now that the original firestorm has died down, some reporters have been able to drop the spectacle and focus on deeper issues, such as accountability in journalism and the established prominence of social media in our relationships and news-gathering.
  12. Others have focused on what's being referred to as "The Notre Dame Mystique" a.k.a. how ND is somehow a "mystical" place where crazy things happen that wouldn't happen any where else:
  13. Though I'm annoyed with all things football, and certainly with all things Te'o-scandal-related, I can at least deal with continuing the discussion when we're discussion topics of relavance rather than gossiping about private matters in a young man's life that I believe should remain private.