Modernism, Everything Sucks and Nothing Matters

  1. Modernism can be a confusing time in literature for many readers. We'll start in the beginning....
  2. In 1901, the Boer War broke out. This was a war over who would colonize South Africa.
  3. Many events happened to change the face of British Society at this time.
  4. World War I began in 1914! This war basically started because Germany attempted to take over all of Europe. No one had the proper weapons to use against them until later on. The war was really tragic, many men and women lost their lives. Women though, finally got to be a part of the war by nursing and building weapons.
  5. The Modernist period consisted of a lot of scientific experimentation and craftsmanship
  6. Heart of Darkness, written by Joseph Conrad was published in 1899 but is still considered Modernism. The story consists of imperialism, which is a form of colonialism in which the colonizers attempt to better the lives of the colonized.
  7. The story also consists of a LOT of racism against the African people.
  8. The text focuses on Kurtz, and eventually ends with his death.
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