Drupal Downunder

We came, we saw, we drupalled. Drupal Downunder is a conference for web professionals and enthusiasts focussed on the free and open source content management system, Drupal. It was held in Melbourne over the weekend of January 13-15.

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  1. 2012-01-13 DDU2012 036
  2. Dmitri Gaskin, 16 yo keynote speaker at Drupal Downunder started hacking on Drupal at the age of 10. 
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  4. His talk "Growing up Drupal" was very well received. Thanks to the great efforts of @NextDayVideo - you can watch the whole thing online.
  5. Keynote - Growing up in the Drupal Community - Dmitri Gaskin
  6. Attentive audience is attentive.
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  9. But not long after his arrival we whisked Dmitri off to the ABC studios in southbank for a quick radio interview...
  10. Our second keynote speaker was Gian Wild from @AccessibilityOz. She managed to ruffle some feathers by reminding the crowd that accessibility was not a luxury, but a requirement.
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  12. Watch the whole thing here.
  13. Keynote - The differences between WCAG1 and WCAG2 - Gian Wild