Help us document #FakeSandy photos

The brunt of Hurricane Sandy hasn't yet hit the East Coast, and images are already surfacing online. Help Guardian US get the word out about bad photos:

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  1. This doctored Statue of Liberty photo -- one that gets pulled out during every significant weather event in New York -- made its latest appearance Monday:
  2. And while we're at it, here's another photo of the Statue of Liberty circulating on Instagram tagged #Sandy. It's a screen shot from movie The Day After Tomorrow:
  3. Flooded fast food? Think again.

  4. This photo of a "McDonalds in Virginia Beach flooded" was actually a photo of an art installation. Still, the image received hundreds of retweets and shares.
  5. Outdated photo goes viral

  6. An incredible (but outdated) photo of guards outside of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier went viral Monday morning. One copy of the photo, sent by the ironically titled "OMG FACTS" account, received more than 3,000 retweets:
  7. (Here's what's actually going on in Arlington.)
  8. Shark attack?

  9. This shark photo really is the hoax for all seasons. It was most recently NOT spotted in Ocean City.
  10. Omg!! Ocean city! 17th street! #shark #sandy
  11. This photo of a shark swimming near a flooded home in Brigantine, NJ has also been debunked as doctored.
  12. Jury's still out on what's happening in this video ...
  13. Sharkinedgertown Hurricane Sandy
  14. Unbelievable skylines

  15. This photo was making the rounds and crediting the grey skies as Sandy's doing, but it's actually from a thunderstorm in 2011.
  16. This ominous-looking image of the Brooklyn Bridge was circulating Monday morning, but it's actually a three-year-old stock photo.
  17. Escaped zoo animals?!