Environmental Impact of Hurricane Sandy in NJ

Sandy floodwaters covered much of Hoboken, NJ for three days. Contamination repercussions in New Jersey are still unfolding seven months later.


  1. Oil floated on floodwaters during Hurricane Sandy.
  2. As floodwaters recede, Hoboken begins to take stock of the damage.
  3. Mysterious oil contamination is suspected by city official to be "an unrefined substance that likely rose up from the ground with the surge caused by Hurricane Sandy."
  4. Property owners begin to take stock of the damage and clean up.
  5. Four months after Sandy, many Hoboken properties still have a lot of repair work to do.
  6. A new contamination risk arises – botulism.
  7. Light at the end of the tunnel – with repairs nearing completion, controversy about safety rears its head.