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Tanks for the ideas

Our listeners/users are creative. When @anthonygermain asked them what should be painted on a new propane tower on the waterfront recently approved by St. John's City Council, twitter and Facebook cranked the ideas out. So with tongue firmly stuck in cheek, we've realized some of your ideas.


  1. Here's our whale tail. Our propane tower model is over behind the Avalon Mall. The propane tower on the waterfront is 33-feet tall and will serve three restaurants.
  2. Council agreed to approve the installation of the tank, providing the restaurants find an artist to paint a mural on it, and hire a landscaper to plant trees around it.
  3. And so we did. Apologies to Maple Leaf. 
  4. Developer Leo Power said the volume of propane needed for all three restaurants required the large tank. He said he investigated other options, but they would not meet national building codes. 
  5. These are councillors who spoke in favour of the tank. Haven't seen the complete list yet of who voted for it. Voting against: Jonathan Galgay, Bernard Davis.
  6. Over on Facebook, Gerry Porter had these ideas.
  7. Homage to the "rubber boot crowd?"
  8. And this guy ....