#J491 Twitter curation April 14-19

Students in the class "Social Media for Journalists" have been tweeting all semester about interesting things regarding journalism and social media. Here's what we discovered in our final week of tweeting.


  1. First, this week US Airways accidentally tweeted a pornographic photo that was tweeted at the airline by another user.  Apparently the photo was accidentally tweeted in an effort to flag it an inappropriate.  Tammy was the first to tweet about the incident, followed by Jenna who tweeted Mashable's humorous response.  Kathleen then found a US News article which pointed out that accidents like this can happen easily, and companies should improve their systems of checks and balances instead of hastily firing those at fault.
  2. Pat questioned the appropriateness of this Lincoln Journal Star tweet, which juxtaposed a serious statement about fatal car accidents with a seemingly light-hearted engagement question.  Social media may seem less personal that other mediums of communication, but there should still be clear-cuts rules about approaching sensitive topics like death.
  3. Jenna tweeted a link to a interesting article about a phrase that is all too common on Twitter these days.  The author of the BuzzFeed article talked to one of phrase's pioneers, who now can't stand seeing it.  It was somewhat useful when people were still learning how Twitter worked, but now it pretty much states the obvious.  Still, more than 30,000 Twitter users have included the phrase in their bios.
  4. Robby highlighted a story about the snubbing of sports writers by the Pulitzers.  Only three sports columnists have ever won a Pulitzer, and the only recent sports stories receiving the prize haven't been purely sports stories (Snowfall and a story on the Sandusky trial).  A sportswriter interviewed in the story claims that sportswriters have long been overlooked for receiving major journalism awards.
  5. Finally, Samone linked to a story by Nieman Lab about anonymous secret sharing apps that are being used by journalists.  Sites like BuzzFeed and Gawker are already using the sometimes extremely personal things posted by the users of these apps.  For now, most of the stories are quirky like "21 Things Cat Owners All Secretly Think Sometimes."  However, some journalists are convinced that they will someday break news on these platforms.
  6. And here are the rest of this week's tweets: