Olympic Opening Ceremony LDN2012

Coverage of the London2012 Opening Ceremony from the eyes of a journalism student with a sense of humour. A mix between a live blog and an opinion piece, this story is bound to identify with you on some level. Maybe.


  1. With people the world over questioning whether London was hosting the Olympics Opening Ceremony or the world premier of The Hobbit, twitter users allied to tweet at speeds of up to 17K/second.

  2. Although a lot of people weren't too sure why ceremony organisers went all Bad-Luck Brian on the audience, with the scene opening to a whole lot of people hidden under giant blue sheets. Do seats outside of the sheets cost extra?

  3. Starting to see a way too familiar link between the Opening Ceremony and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. 
  4. Let's celebrate pollution!! :| #London2012 #OpeninCeremonies
    Let's celebrate pollution!! :| #London2012 #OpeninCeremonies
  5. Is that fire, raining down after these people just aced the Industrial Revolution? Also, Dave Hughes is trying to think of funny things to say about the ceremony and missing the mark. Australian comedians should really stop trying to embarrass us on the world stage.
  6. Americans across the Internet are feeling mighty left out as the world continues to live-tweet and blog about this amazing opening ceremony. Does NBC realise how many enemies they're making by trying to achieve ratings success over giving the people a chance to live-tweet about everything they see?

  7. Unfortunately for Beijing, London2012 has just cemented itself as the coolest opening ceremony ever. They have the Queen.