Peer to Here: Advanced Social Media

USC undergrads in COMM 499 build digital objects and study social media in corporate, political, and cultural contexts. We meet using virtual classroom software and face-to-face twice every week.


  1. The movie above features two COMM 499ers: Phylicia Kirven and Matt Barkley.  Phylicia ("PH") edited the vid!  In the pic below, Matt is the tall blonde guy in the back; PH is the gal in a pony tail and Trojan sweatshirt on the far left.
  2. COMM 499 students collectively built Hidden USC, a gmap that collects 100+ of their favorite locations on or near campus.  Study abroad, favorite classes, internships, restaurants, hidden study spots, how to see free first-run movies on campus: tour Hidden USC from anywhere in the world!  Students learned the software that made everything you see, and they built a real-world social media campaign to promote on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter!
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  4. Testing our map on mobile devices.  Above,  Ally, Brittany, Andres, Matt, MacKenzie and Chris [foreground] are testing the map outside, "in situ." Below, testing the map in class: Jasmine, Lindsey and (making eye contact) Cynthia.