E-Literature Exhibit & Reading at MLA13

Dene Grigar and I curated the second exhibit of electronic literature at the annual Modern Language Association Convention. It ran Jan. 3-5, 2013 and featured 30 new works by 32 authors and two play-friendly Creation Stations. Friday, 4 Jan. 14 artists performed at Emerson College's Bordy Theater.


  1. Above, Dene Grigar with undergrad docents Jason Lee, Gary Nasca, Greg Philbrook, Evan Flanagan, Seti Alizadeh and Morgan Hutchinson.  Below, Mount Hood snapped en route to Boston by Morgan (pictured above, bottom right).
  2. Setting up the show.  Below, ruminating before opening the doors.
  3. Above, Electronic Literature Organization President Nick Montfort and Treasurer Jessica Pressman.
  4. Link to Dene Grigar's "Electronic Literature at MLA Year Two: a (Brief) Curatorial Statement for Avenues of Access.  bit.ly/ZJ66lo ;
  5. Laura Zaylea's locative installation "Speak2MeInCode" featured posters set up at the exhibit site. QR codes linked to bits of story, a story that begins as a guide to grammar and good writing, but becomes an illicit romance between a woman and a married man.  It is set at a professional convention.
  6. MITH [Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities] housed the Electronic Literature Organization for its first four years of existence.  Here, MITH Director Matt Kirschenbaum talking with ELO President Nick Montfort and Jessica Pressman, ELO Treasurer.  In background, Kari Kraus and Dene Grigar.
  7. Poet Alan Bigelow hangs out with docents between showings of his work.
  8. I borrowed two vintage computers from Nick Montfort's Trope Tank game lab at M.I.T. to build two "Creation Stations" at the MLA exhibit.  People could change the variables on the BASIC program creating mazes on the Commodore 64 (c. 1982) or could play a prototype of Ian Bogost's poem "A Slow Year" on an Atari VCS (c. 1977).