Anaheim police protests: The aftermath

Anaheim was picking up the pieces Wednesday after a night of violent demonstrations triggered by recent fatal police shootings. At least 24 people were arrested Tuesday night and six people were injured, officials said.


  1. The police shootings and subsequent protests continue to draw commentary on social media sites, where people have spoken out both for and against demonstrators. 

  2. Demonstrations began peacefully outside Tuesday's City Council meeting, but soon spread to parts of downtown Anaheim, where some set fire to trash cans and weeds and threw rocks at police. In response, police gave an order to disperse. Officers were seen firing bean bags and pushing people out of the streets.
  3. Six people — three protesters, two journalists and one police officer — were injured Tuesday night, authorities said.
  4. Tim Pool and Amber Lyon fired on by Anaheim Police with riot weapons
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