Week 4+: American Cheese Month


  1. A promotion of the American Cheese Society.
    With the Giants penant series followed immediately by the World Series, I had a hard time making timely posts. But, I didn't have a hard time eating lots of cheese. I started Week 4 strong:
  2. Weybridge is a really delicious cheese, making me think that the Cellars at Jasper Hill are making some magic happen in Vermont.
  3. The Monet was a bit of a revelation--it was so fresh, the only other time I had cheese that tasted so fresh, I made it myself. Seriously. I have no idea how they do it.
  4. I accidentally got the flavored kind--I usually don't like "stuff" in my cheese--and was pleasantly surprised! There was only a hint of basil and garlic, not at all overpowering. I heard a cheesemonger say once that he thought Foggy Mountain, a newer cheese from Nicasio, was "cheapened" with the flavors. But, it was such a delicate handling of flavoring, I'd disagree.
  5. While Kefir is not a cheese, exactly, I decided it could be included, based on the fact that the American Cheese Society (who is promoting American Cheese Month) includes Kefirs (and yogurts, sour creams and other cultured milk products) in their annual competition. So there you go. And that night I attended a class at the Cheese School called "American Cheese Society Winners: A Cheese Judge Tells All" taught by Rainbow Grocery Cheesemonger and Author, Gordon(zola) Edgar, so I was in the mood to play along with the Cheese Society Rules.
  6. I actually almost didn't make it to the class, thanks to the San Francisco Giants' post-season excitement.
  7. But, luckily the San Francisco Giants won the World Series in four games (woot!) and while San Francisco was rioting in celebration, I signed up for the class.
  8. Clockwise from the top (silver cup): Karoun Labne, Harley Farms Fromage Blanc, Hollands Cheese Foenegreek Marieke Gouda, Vermont Creamery Bonne Bouche, Sequatchie Cove Dancing Fern, Beecher's Flagship Reserve, Achadinha Capricious, Uplands Cheese Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Roth Kase Grand Cru Gruyere Surchoix and Rogue River Blue.
  9. Day 28 was the last day of Week 4, but we still had three days to finish the month, so I kept going:
  10. Another cheese with stuff in it! I am not sure it was my favorite of the night, but attendees seemed in agreement that it was definitely one of the favorites. It was surprisingly delicious with salty-sweet butterscotch notes and some tanginess.
  11. I finished American Cheese Month off right with a "Mongers Choice" plate from the amazing Mission Cheese.
    Here are the highlights from my American Cheese Month:
    1. Rogue Creamery Caveman Blue: Personally, I think the Caveman Blue was better than this year's Rogue River Blue.
    2. River's Edge Chevre Up In Smoke: The first time I've loved a smoked cheese.
    3. My new favorite chevre: Sierra Nevada Cheese Company's Bella Capra Chevre.
    4. Harbison: One of my all-time favorite cheeses.
    5. The farm-y, broccoli-y, caramel-y and incredibly delicious camember-style cheese: Alemar Cheese Company Bent River.
    6. Harley Farms Monet: the freshest, floraly-ist chevre you might ever taste.
    7. Roth Kase Grand Cru Surchoix: A deliciously sweet, nutty gruyere.

    Seven cheese highlights of American Cheese Month means you can have a delicious week of American cheeses! Thanks to the American Cheese Society for hosting this cheese promotion. By playing off the theme, I was able to explore cheeses for a whole month and learn much more about delicious cheeses, while supporting awesome American cheese makers. Thanks! And, yum! That was delicious.