We play FIFA 17: football never changes

It is ironic that the slogan of FIFA 17 is "Football has changed." Whether or not you are a football fan, the most important change in official competition that has seen this sport is the use of paint sprays to mark the firing lines or barriers in some fouls should tell you much about the evolution of this sport. That is not why it is better or worse, it is simply immobile.

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  1. It is ironic that the slogan of FIFA 17 is "Football has changed." Whether or not you are a football fan, the most important change in official competition that has seen this sport is the use of paint sprays to mark the firing lines or barriers in some fouls should tell you much about the evolution of this sport. That is not why it is better or worse, it is simply immobile.

  2. Led FIFA 17 , imagine how you can change a game every year whether to launch or yes with your new templates and other developments that justify checkout. Now, although in playable terms it is too early to say that it has not changed enough, because the press has only been able to play so far to an unfinished version for a couple of hours, yes there are some new issues to highlight.

  3. FIFA 17 moves to Frostbite

  4. The first change is, say, structural, for both FIFA 17 and EA itself. The company must have realized that developing a single engine for all its games is the best way to make your production profitable; And that's why I'm here talking about that FIFA 17 is now built - structured - on Frostbite, the engine developed by DICE for Battlefield that has already seen multiple versions over the last few years and it is clear that it will fit in with everything.

  5. What does this mean? The only thing I personally could see differently compared to FIFA 16 is that the light effects of the stadiums at night are much better. The repetitions look better now that the beams of light from the spotlights fall on the field with some grace. If we add weather effects, sure the stadiums are beautiful, but I have not seen anything yet.
  6. Regarding the players and management, the presence of Frostbite is imperceptible : I do not think there is a great graphic difference with the previous game beyond the best faces made, I do not think that depends on the engine but the time spent they. I also do not think anyone expected a big step forward in this sense: annual saga, manual graphics.

  7. Maybe in a more finished version of FIFA 17 this change, it is certain that EA usually show their football games to the press when there are still changes that apply. Facing the launch in September, maybe they have taken more chicha to the Frostbite and until we see reflections of light in the gomina of according to what trainers.

  8. Touch-ups are noticed here and there

  9. This comment, that the game is a little bit in panties, has not allowed me to be completely clear what changes there are changes in the gameplay. Although I take a hunk of the evolution between one version and another of FIFA, EA Sports usually make enough modifications so that in the long run it will change the way you play at certain points in the game. In the long run, of course, not in two hours.
  10. We all know that the midfield, no matter how much they try new things every year, are very rotten in FIFA. I have not noticed that FIFA 17 does nothing to solve this effectively: you keep crossing those meters of grass as one walks through the park and the intensity of the game only seen in your area or the opposing team.
    I always thought that as a football game, FIFA has to Pong as a reference and therefore likes to travel the country from one end to another Constantly. So instead of denying this, maybe it's time to embrace without shame this artificial way of creating intensity in football, right?

  11. One thing that I noticed more easily new controls were implemented in FIFA 17 to as what. There are details, such as using the right stick to move a little before throwing fouls or pulling out; But the control that will most like or repel fans has to do with the so-called "Physhical Play", also known as "Usa L2 / LT for everything".
    Keeping the trigger tight, we can now protect the ball much further by advancing, receiving or pressing. The result is colorful and effective, but abusing it is very simple and I bet something that will bring problems almost surely. The arcade spirit of FIFA 17 is fantastic , but this is too much in the hands of the schedule, it seems that the game does too much work for you.

  12. Of course, animations and everything related to this new system of playing stuck make the game look nice and realistic. By focusing a little on replays and enemy AI, it is clear that they have implemented new moves and that EA Sports has tried to make contact between players more credible than in the previous installment.
  13. And since we talk about more credible things: it seems that the goalkeepers may finally come into contact with the other players in their outings and that they will not be those immovable blocks each time they are thrown to the ball. Although it remains to be seen whether this is for better or worse. I give you an example.
    In a funny corner, my goalkeeper jumped, I grabbed the ball very badly because the area was full of players, it escaped and I was marked in the commotion. Is it a good idea that all goalkeepers in FIFA 17 are as Casillas? I do not think so, but they are infallible, either. So the topic of "we have improved the AI ​​of the goalkeepers" of all the years is yet to prove, but some difference seems to have.

  14. The Journey, FIFA's first story mode

  15. As the gameplay is still pending several tweaks, better we advance the novelty of FIFA 17: The Journey mode, which puts the player in the shoes of Alex Hunter , a more or less rookie of the Premier League footballer, and invites Accompany him on his way to stardom. it is more or less traditional mode , yes.

  16. From the notes before proceeding. Alex Hunter is black, so you can pull out the raincoats to avoid the rain of shit that will trigger this. Racism, for reasons too complex to even touch on the progress of a football game, remains a problem in our world; so I think that EA has a fabulous black player in FIFA 17 . Even big companies will understand that heroes are not always Caucasian, particularly sports heroes.

  17. The second point: The Journey looks like it will only deal with the Premier League, that Hunter will not be able to sign for Barca when it starts to dawn or anything like that. This first incursion of the saga in the narratives more of walking by house, with its cinematic, its conversations in the dressing room, with visits to friends' houses, etc .; Shall be limited to the English League.
  18. It may seem a somewhat negative limitation in Spain, we have better football, but it's not such a bad idea if we see a battle between Mourinho and Guardiola . I saw the modeling of the first is nailed, as are so many players and coaches who have participated in The Journey to give it more entity and credibility.

  19. It is clear that this mode is going to be a rare experience. I was only able to play a match and see an intense kinematics of Hunter, but there are some things that paint well. For starters, having certain quality goals that depend on how we play will force a lot of people to play in a way other than their own. Me first, come on.
    In order to draw the attention of the coach, who has Hunter sucking bench, have to meet the challenges of the party in which will play because it insists on leaving. As a player, I had to make an assist, avoid losing balls and get more than 70% quality in the last quarter of an hour. It is not the typical gameplay that is expected of a FIFA, but I do not see how doing something different can do some harm to the saga.

  20. The most randy whole thing is that we will make decisions that will affect Hunter's career . I do not know how remote will be his career for the Premier (I imagine that much, that you will sign yes or yes for X team and not for another), but we will be able to give answers to Mass Effect to our companions and the sports press. And yes, Bioware has cast a cable with this theme. Live to see ... I hope FIFA 18 focuses on La Liga and we can insult Los Manolos in a press conference. And speaking of the Spanish league ...

  21. The League is exclusive to FIFA

  22. League (which is no longer BBVA, btw) will be exclusive FIFA 17 , which beyond being a very nice press release for a phrase, I have no idea what it means exactly. Does this mean that we will return to the times of Roberto Larcos with Pro Evolution Soccer 2017?

  23. I'm not entirely sure, PES 2017 will surely maintain the rights of the Champions Legue, so noses should have Real Madrid, Barca, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla and Villareal among its licensed teams that will be part of This competition.

  24. This issue, more than a novelty for FIFA fans, I'm afraid it's more of a nuisance to prefer PES. Now that they were coming back and that with PES 2016 they put themselves more to the height of its competitors, for the Spanish fans this is a task. Although seeing what they took last year in updating the templates, the same one does not even know.