Pokémon GO: beginners tips for catching and training for the launch

Pokémon GO is currently the phenomenon par excellence. However, if you installed the app unsuspectingly on his smartphone, may initially feel a bit lost. We give therefore the best advice for the start into the world of "Pokémon GO" with whom you rightly takes you in no time.


  1. Which starter Pokémon should I choose?

  2. At the beginning you can watch in "Pokémon GO cheats" to choose between one of three starter Pokémon that will join you first. Whether your choice is now to Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle, is actually important just to start with, as you will quickly find better monsters and stronger versions of the starter. therefore Decide simply according to your preference and forget attack types and other factors. Your starter Pokémon will avail you little, but more on that later.

  3. At this point, there is also a special trick, because, as in "Pokemon Yellow", there is also the opportunity to select Pikachu as a starter. To arrange this, after you, Professor Willow three starters available, just go more than once so far away that they disappear and reappear when you close. After some time, Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur have a yellow mate with the luggage.Then you have to just have to press on the electric mouse already ye Pikachu this as your starter.

  4. Catch all the Pokémon and try to quickly get to Level 5

  5. Try as soon as possible to increase your Trainer Level at level 5 at the beginning. With Level 5 opens up for you the entire game and you get access to the Pokémon arenas. Moreover, their rarer and stronger Pokémon can find. The easiest way to increase your coach level, it is to catch as all Pokémon that you encounter. For each caught Pokémon get you experience points, just as for each Pokéstop whom you visited or medals that you receive.

  6. In addition, it is useful to collect from a Pokémon multiple copies, because you need them to train your Pokémon and develop - Tags: stardust and sweets.
  7. How to train and I develop my Pokémon properly

  8. If you want to have a really strong team, then you should first decide not to develop your Pokémon with the sweets and the stardust or train. Because with the rise of your trainer levels the Pokémon around you can become stronger. If you start to want a WP (competition points) as soon as possible develop 10 Pidgey it, who will notice that after a few hours a wild Pidgey is almost more than their own, just fully developed Pidgeot. Therefore initially waived the arenas and capture Pokémon until you have monsters, which are also on a level with the arena ladders.

  9. But if you really are ready and want to train and develop a Pokémon, then is best done as follows: First, the level should be fully trained until the WP have almost reached their maximum potential.Then you can develop it, whereby the WP rise significantly faster and the maximum limit is increased based on the previous WP. Thereby you can compete better with other players in a very short time. Let the rare Pokémon at first ignored. Pokémon with a more frequent rate Fund are easier to develop and train and achieve faster high WP value.

  10. Take each Pokéstop with the reach you can

  11. The Pokéstops are wonderful places to reach items. you find yourself near a Pokéstops, you can select it and then let emerge by brushing the screen items. That's your turn close enough you can see the fact that the small blue icon unfolds to a Poké Ball. Once the items appear, you should be quick and gather them at one blow all.
    Most dive the Pokéstops only ordinary Poké Balls. With Coach Level 5 but are also often animators and potions including, at times even rare Pokémon eggs and coins for the shop.Regarding what has been arena battles you always needed animators and potions. In addition, you get every time you visit a Pokéstops experience points for your Trainer Level.
  12. hatching eggs properly

  13. Anyone who finds an egg, must place it in the egg incubator to hatch it. Depending on the rarity of the Pokémon contained one must now go two, five or ten kilometers to let slip there. The emphasis here is "go" on. At high speeds the distance will not be counted.

  14. The Pokémon eggs have also still a very special feature: The Pokémon therein are not only significantly more sweets and Stardust, but also double the experience. That brings especially a boost for their own coach level when a new Pokémon slips, whereby one gets instead 600 experience points equal to 1200th So you should hatch Pokémon eggs as quickly and often as possible.

  15. use the Range Indicator correctly

  16. Right down in the small, white bars, called Range Indicator, usually three Pokemon go cheats appear.Tapping on this, you will usually significantly more Pokémon that are located in the vicinity. If you now wish have one of them especially, you should touch it. Now only this Pokémon and the distance from the number of footsteps appears, but not the direction. But this is a betrayed by the Range Indicator. Flashing green the border, you move in the right direction. With yellow one moves at 45 degrees to the desired Pokémon, and red at 90 °. If no flash to see removed itself.

  17. There is another trick: If one Pokémon in the selection have no footsteps beside him, one should select it absolutely and repeatedly tap the screen around, as it then after a few seconds shows up right next to one.
  18. The fine art of catching Pokémon

  19. When captured the Pokémon, it can happen that some do not want in the Poké Ball. But if you are wondering how you have become easier could catch the Pokémon, then you should time hold the Poké Ball. This appears to the monster around a white circle in which a colorful circle is getting smaller. The color indicates from green to yellow and orange to red to how easy or difficult it is to catch Pokémon. In addition, you can with a targeted throw if the circle is about the size of a ball, get a better union, which not only increases the experience points but also the chance of a successful fishing experiment. Use a Himmihbeere, you can get to Pokéstops or to level up, also have increased during the catching and the chance to catch the Pokémon.

  20. If you want to go completely on the safe side, should tighten the Pokéballs addition. For this you must first pass on the screen. without the fingers to lift, rotate in one direction. Once it begins to shine, you can throw it and it flies off the screen back into the game. The timing can be characterized indeed make more difficult, but it helps especially against Pokémon that carry an orange or red circle around them.