The Life Itself CNN Television Premiere!

Life Itself, the first ever documentary on film critic Roger Ebert (and recently shortlisted for an Oscar nomination), premiered on CNN on Jan. 4th! Here's a recap of the exciting evening, including touching tweets from Chaz Ebert and fans everywhere watching the film.

  1. Come as we journey through the Life Itself CNN television premiere! Featuring tweets from Chaz Ebert, CNN Films, Kartemquin, EbertMovie, and fans everywhere watching the film.
  2. The excitement before the premiere was palpable, and many of Roger's fellow critics and writers took to Twitter to help spread the word:
  3. And Ebert fans chimed in to announce their excitement!
  4. Finally showtime arrived, and the movie began.
  5. Did you know: Roger was instrumental in helping Steve James' career take off. Roger loved Hoop Dreams, and on their show, he and Gene Siskel took every opportunity they could to talk about the film.
  6. It was an emotional night for a lot of people:
  7. And many wanted to share their stories of how Roger helped them discover the joy of the movies:
  8. The premiere provoked some interesting thoughts (some serious, others not so much):
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