Supreme Court strikes down human gene patents

As the Supreme Court rules that human DNA cannot be patented, we celebrate the culmination of a multi-year journey for filmmaker Joanna Rudnick, whose documentary In the Family helped raise public awareness of the case.


  1. A victory for the American Civil Liberties Union as the Supreme Court rules that human genes cannot be patented! The court struck down Myriad Genetics' patents on the BRCA1 and 2 mutations, which significantly raises the likelihood of a woman developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. This decision means the tests for the mutation - previously held as a monopoly by Myriad - will become much cheaper. 

    The last video interview with Myriad Genetics can be found in Joanna Rudnick's film, In The Family. Since the film, Joanna has joined the fight against the legality of gene patents. The case's supporters and observers took to social media to express their joy over the ruling and derision of Myriad. As Joanna Rudnick put it, "this is a historic day for the BRCA community!"

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